Enhancing Katalon Recorder scripts with TestGold

Katalon Recorder is a popular solution to quickly generate selectors in preparation for testing a webpage. The TestGold platform can ingest exported XML files from the Recorder and automatically generate robust selectors.

Below, we describe how to export XML from Katalon Recorder, upload it to the TestGold platform, and then get back robust selectors.

Record a test and export it to XML

Use Katalon Recorder to record a test.

Katalon Recorder test recording

After you’re done recording, removing extraneous test actions (such as mis-clicks, clicking outside of input boxes, etc.) is optional; if TestGold detects a valid CSS or XPath selector, it will process it.

The Chrome browser is used to execute the test steps. We currently support the following test step actions:

  • open
  • click
  • doubleClick
  • contextClick (right-click)
  • mouseOver
  • submit (direct form submission)
  • <select> element interactions (choose options by value, index, or label)
  • type

More step actions will be added soon. If your specific use case requires a step action not listed above, please let us know at support@testgold.dev.

Export your recorded test to XML.

Katalon Recorder export test

Make sure the file saved ends with .xml.

Katalon Recorder save exported file

Upload the exported test script to TestGold

Log in to the TestGold dashboard and then click on the Add Test button. This brings up the following form:

Katalon Recorder save exported file

Give your test run a name and upload your exported XML file. Click on Run test script and wait for the test run to complete. This menu also contains several run options.

  • Ignore disabled elements:
  • Ignore invisible elements:
  • Collect element data & try to fix broken selectors: Selecting this option enabled deep heal. This will make testgold compare the results of the whole script and rewrite them, if it finds collisions.
  • Generate selectors for all elements on each visited page: Selecting this option will generate optimal selectors for all elements on the pages visited during this test. This is a very intensive process and test execution time is dependent on the number of elements that exist on the pages.
  • Collect page-interaction event data for test case augmentation: This option allows you to take advantage of features in the test enhancer and app map sections of the product.
  • Continue test suite execution if a component test fails: Test suites may sometimes be depend on the successful completion of earlier tests for later tests to pass. In that case, using this option will avoid unecessary runs in the case a test fails earlier in the test suite.
Katalon Recorder test recording

View results

Once the test run is complete, you can browse the results.

Katalon Recorder test recording

Note the enhanced selectors automatically generated by the TestGold platform. The following actions are available to interact with the results:

  • Screenshots are provided to walk you through your test’s steps
  • The test results and lists of selectors can be exported to CSV and PDF for later use.
  • A video of the browser executing your test steps is available to view.
  • The actual Katalon exported XML file uploaded for the test run is available to download.
  • Console logs from our hosted Selenium test runners indicating the exact steps executed as we process your exported Katalon Recorder XML file are available to view.