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TestGold key concepts

TestGold is a test automation solution that uses deep learning to auto heal test decay caused by rapid feature addition. Unlike other solutions, TestGold works with your existing tests and resources, without having to learn a new language/framework or do anything differently. You can start using the TestGold solution in less than 10 minutes!

It’s for coders who want to keep their existing workflow while enjoying AI based healing, stability, and easy test augmentation. It will reduce costs and risks by easily ensuring the health and auto-maintenance of your tests. TestGold is the only automation solution of its kind that auto-completes your tests.

TestGold Summary Page

How to get Started

The first step is registration. Creating an account on TestGold is extremely simple. On the page click on Sign up. You can either choose the sign up using Github , sign up using Google Option or just enter a suitable email id and password.

TestGold Sign Up Page

Once you are signed up you will receive a mail. Click on the the link on the mail to verify your account. Once verified your account will be activated by the TestGold team in 24 hours. You know have a Token known as the TG_TOKEN. This is unique to your username and enabled you to run your scripts using TestGold.

TestGold Configuration Page

The second step is to login. Once you login you will see the configurations page. Download the appropriate interceptor package . You can choose either Python , Java , Javascript, Cypress or Appium . Add the required settings mentioned for each interceptor. Set your TG_TOKEN value. Run your scripts now and get ready to see the magic happen. From here, you also have quick access to the documentation for reference.